Pool Maintenance

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pool maintenance

We understand that having something go wrong with your pool can be frustrating, particularly on a weekend when there’s no one around to provide advice. This is why Pools R Us has compiled a list of handy links to some of our quality equipment suppliers and troubleshooting information.

Supplier Links

If you’re in need of pool repairs in Melbourne, we recommend contacting the equipment supplier for specific information related to your product.

  1. Astral Pool
  2. Supreme Heating
  3. Techcrete
  4. Best Bar
  5. Always Digging

Informational PDFs

If you’re in need of swimming pool maintenance in Melbourne, we recommend downloading the relevant PDF for more information.

  • Basic Water Chemistry
    This document provides basic information on how to test the chemical levels of your pool water.
  • Crystal Clear Water
    This document explains how to keep the water in your fibreglass pool clear and pristine.
  • Troubleshooting
    This document outlines some of the more common problems our customers experience, what might be causing them and how to proceed.
  • General Hints
    This document contains some general hints and tips that should be kept in mind to ensure your pool is kept in tiptop condition.

Please ensure that you check the Atmosphere drain on your fibreglass pool after heavy rains and that you remove excess water (if needed). We also recommend that you contact a professional pool cleaner in Melbourne on the odd occasion to ensure that the interior of your shell remains well maintained.