Indoor Pools

For the ultimate in luxury, an indoor pool is an excellent choice. The perfect addition to any home, this style will ensure you stand out from the crowd – taking your property from standard to five-star hotel. In addition to adding value to your home, you and your family will be able to take a dip whenever the mood strikes!

indoor pool
Why should I choose an indoor pool?

If the thought of a beautiful and functional pool appeals to you, and you love the idea of swimming at any time of the day or night, then an indoor pool is the perfect choice. Sheltered from the elements, you will be protected from both harsh UV rays and cold winter weather – and your pool will be protected from debris and insects at the same time!

When should my pool be built?

We’ve found it’s often best to build your pool at the same time as your home, allowing us to work alongside your construction team to create a space that complements the flow of your home. As extensive excavation may be required, it ensures the pool building process won’t interrupt the lives of your household. Contact us whilst the designs of your new home are being drawn, and we will do the rest!

Where do they look best?

Offering unsurpassed luxury, an indoor pool is ideal for the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne – and homeowners who want to ensure their property stands out from the crowd. As they are built within your home, they are suited to any architectural style, so you can be confident they are the right choice for you. Our team will custom design the space to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

What shell should I choose?

Indoor pools can be built with either fibreglass or concrete shells – the choice is up to you! Fibreglass options will be pre-made and quicker to install, whilst a concrete style will be custom designed to your home and needs. The shape of your property and the space you want it built within will impact your decision, so speak with our team to decide on the right shell for you!