Concrete Pools

Completely customised for luxurious swimming

Whether you’re looking for a private retreat of your very own, somewhere for the kids to splash around during the summer or even a place to swim laps and keep fit, a concrete pool is the best option. Pools R Us is committed to designing a pool that you love and that works with your property.

Why our concrete pools?

Completely Customised

These swimming pools are completely custom designed, so you can rest assured that they will suit the shape of your yard perfectly. We can create any shape that you can think of, from rectangular to free form.

Variety of Finishes

Our pools offer a wholly professional appearance thanks to our wide range of finishes. Choose from rendered to fully tiled interiors – each available in a variety of colours – ensuring that everyone’s needs are met.

Suitable for Sloping Sites

Live on a sloping block? No worries! Pools R Us can even install inground pools on sloping sites – we work with the lay of the land, excavating and building up where necessary to ensure that the edges are level.

Structural Additions

The great thing about concrete pools in Melbourne is that they are completely structural – they can be tied into an existing building and they can even be built on once our work is complete. Let us know what the overall plan is!

Installation process for our concrete pools

1. Engineering, Permits & Insurances

The first step of the process sees your pool designs sent to an engineer. At the same time, Pools R Us will obtain permits from your local council and relevant insurances to ensure you are fully protected.

2. Setting Out & Excavation

Then, our expert team comes out to your home and sets out the plans exactly where you want the inground pool in Melbourne to be installed. We then begin excavating the site to the appropriate depth.

3. Steel Fixed, Pre-Plumbed & Concrete Sprayed

Once the excavation is complete, we fix in the steel for the outline of the pool and pre-plumb the pump and drainage systems. Then, the concrete is sprayed to form the shell.

4. Tiling, Coping, Paving & Rendering

To finish, the interior of the shell is either tiled or rendered (depending on the finish you have selected). The coping and paving is laid around the edges of the pool, then it’s ready to be filled with water.

How long will it take for my pool to be completed?

Once the excavation of your site is complete, it generally takes between 8 and 12 weeks for your project to be finished. The actual timeline will depend on the complexity of your design.

What sizes and depths are available?

As these pools are completely customised, we can make them as big or small and as deep or shallow as you like. We have created large, family-sized shells and smaller lap pools – the sky is the limit!

Can I add any special features to the design?

For even more luxury, we are able to add spas and even water features to these inground pools in Melbourne during the design phase.

How soon after installation can I use the pool?

Basically, your swimming pool is ready to go as soon as handover is complete (this is when we explain how everything works).

What sort of warranty is offered?

Pools R Us offers a 7 year builders warranty on all our concrete pools in Melbourne for your peace of mind.