Finding the Ideal Solution for your Pool Lighting Needs

11 July 2018 by Chris Rhodes, Category Pool Lighting

Having a beautiful pool can make your home the envy of the neighbourhood. Keeping the water and the surrounding area well-lit makes it even more attractive – and safer – and there are so many options to choose from. Unfortunately, we know that too many choices can make it much more difficult to find the right style for you. That’s why we’re here to help you find the ideal solution for lighting your pool, so your family can enjoy it all year round, day or night.


The oldest and most inexpensive mode of , incandescent globes operate by passing an electric current over a filament and heating it until it glows. It’s the same basic concept as your old electric heater, so you can imagine how energy efficient it is – or isn’t! They are the least efficient of all the globes, and have the shortest lifespan as well, usually lasting for about 1000 hours. However, they do have the lowest upfront cost, and some prefer them for their natural light tone. They are worth considering, but only if you have an incredibly tight budget.


Halogen lights are essentially incandescent, with an added amount of halogen gas within the bulb. This allows the filament to operate at a higher temperature, which increases efficiency and extends the life of the globe. As a result, they last twice as long as incandescent, giving you about 2500 hours of before they stop working. Compared to the incandescent, which converts 10% of energy to light and 90% to heat, halogens convert 20% of energy to light and 80% to heat. They aren’t the most efficient style out there, but they can be one of the more affordable options.


These are the most popular lighting option on the market at the moment. They’re bright, there is lots of colours to choose from, they’re durable, and they are energy efficient – using up to 80% less energy than other pool lights. In comparison with the other two lights, they will last up to 50,000 hours. While the initial upfront cost is more expensive, when you consider their lifespan and their efficiency, these could be the ideal option for your needs.

Fibre Optic

These are considered the pinnacle of , and if you want to make a splash, these could be perfect. The light in fibre optic cables travels through the core of the cable, constantly bouncing from the mirror lined walls, allowing it to travel a great distance. They come in a huge range of colours, so you’ll be able to create any atmosphere you’d like. Perhaps their greatest advantage is that they are generally installed above the water line, which means they are easier to replace. However, they are more expensive than their LED counterparts, and they will have about half the lifespan.

While pool lighting is one of the most expensive features you’ll be buying for your outdoor areas, they make your space much more accessible, and they’ll go a long way to creating atmosphere and ambiance. Think of them as an investment, because they improve the value of your homes biggest asset. To choose which one is right for you, consider your budget and your goals. If you need any help deciding, contact us for our expert opinion. 

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