Go to the Experts When You’re Planning a Swimming Pool for Your Home

27 November 2018 by Chris Rhodes, Category Pool Builder

Swimming Pool for Your Home

There are many things around the home that you can do yourself, especially if you have the time and the motivation. Painting, gardening, and even plastering can all be done by experienced DIYers, and can all turn your house into a brand new space. There are some things you should never attempt to do yourself however, such as plumbing and electrical work – and pool installation. If you want to turn your backyard into a tropical oasis that the whole family can enjoy, these are our top reasons why you should turn to our team of swimming pool experts.

It is NOT Cheaper

The main reason people decide to install their own pool is because they think they can save money – this couldn’t be further than the truth. Instead of keeping costs down, they wind up with a huge mess that costs far more to fix that it would have cost the experts to build a swimming pool from scratch. If you’re one of the lucky few who make it through the installation process without a hitch, then you can likely expect expensive issues to crop up in the future.

It WON’T Look asGood

A beautiful backyard swimming pool doesn’t just comprise of the shell itself. Not only does the position matter, but you have to consider landscaping, decking, coping and fencing, to name a few. Make a mistake in any one of these area’s and you’ll instantly have a pool area that looks like it was put together by amateurs. A professional team however, can match your space to your architectural style and personal taste, ensuring a cohesive look across your whole property.

It DOES Require Skill and Expertise

Even if you are considering a DIY project, you will still need more skills and knowledge than the average handyman. A standard pool installation is a major construction, requiring skills in excavation, ground preparation, plumbing, electrical and concrete laying, as well as engineering knowledge and a sound understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding backyard pools. Feeling overwhelmed? Professionals have all the necessary skills and experience needed to build your dream pool and liaise with your local council.

You WON’T Get Ongoing Help

The vast majority of things in your home are covered by a warranty – at least when they are first purchased. Unfortunately, your DIY swimming pool won’t be one of them. Should something go wrong in the near future, you’ll only have yourself to answer to, and repairs can be costly, as we mentioned earlier. However, with a pool installed by the experts, you can turn to them if something should occur, both within the warranty period and into the future.

If you’re thinking about designing and installing a swimming pool in your backyard, it may be time to reconsider. Whilst it may seem as though it will save you money, it will cost more now and into the future, and it is very unlikely that you’ll get the same breathtaking result than the professionals can create. Contact our team at Pools R Us for expert help – you won’t be disappointed.

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